10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Installing an advanced water filtration system has an abundance of benefits. From better health and wellness to a cleaner home, cleaner water can impact the entire household. Not only do water filtration systems produce healthier water than tap water, but they are also much more cost-effective than bottled water. There is a list a mile long of the overall benefits of cleaner […]

How Does a Hot Tub’s Filtration System Work?

If there is one thing you want in your hot tub, it is clean water. That’s where your hot tub’s filtration system comes into play. This system circulates the water through your hot tub and removes any of the contaminants in the water. That, combined with the chemicals or other sanitizing agents you use in your hot tub, cleans the […]

Water Filters: The Many Ways to Purify Your Drinking Water

When it comes to drinking water, everyone wants clean, great-tasting water. For many families, a home water filter helps to provide them with pristine water that is free of odors, chemicals, lead, and other potentially toxic substances. Despite the fact that many of these filters seem identical, there are significant differences between the many types and brands. If you have […]

Minimizing Environmental Impacts of Water Purification

With ever-increasing discussions on the impacts that we are having on the environment, how do water purification systems suppliers, like ELGA LabWater, ensure that the products that they produce don’t add to the problem? Given that we live in a world where the scope to use resources is limited by climate change, it is important for us to minimize the effects […]

Complete Guide to Home Water Filtration

What are the main differences between a water filter and a water softener? Which system is more necessary and important for my home? These are a few of the questions that many people often ask when they are considering a whole house water filter. A basic understanding of the mechanics behind each system is important for making an informed purchasing […]

The Best Spa Filtration System on the Planet

Concerned about the cleanliness of your spa? If you’ve been in hot tub recently, you’ve likely experienced a “skim filtration system” where the filter shares the same spa water as you. When the jets are turned off, you can watch the dirt and grime float back into the spa water. Eeeew! To keep your spa water clean and free of debris […]

Choosing Home Water Filters & Other Water Treatment Systems

Step 3: Consider how the filter fits your home, lifestyle, and budget. Many different types of filters are available to consumers. Determining which type is most appropriate for you—or whether you need a filter at all—depends on what functions you want a filter to provide. No filter eliminates all contaminants, so understanding what filters do and do not do is important. […]

Tips for keeping your spa or pool healthy

All swimming pools and spas need regular maintenance. Keep the water clean and clear. Leaves and similar material should be removed daily. Vacuum regularly to remove dirt, sand and debris. Clean the skimmer and pump baskets regularly. Ensure the water is properly treated, and contains the correct levels of chemicals. Always follow the instructions on pool chlorine containers in relation […]

Eight Benefits Of Installing A Home Water Filtration System

The benefits of a home water filtration system Whether your water comes from city water or well-based water systems, you want to ensure that it’s safe for your family. There are many opportunities for contaminants to enter your water, and even if your water is free of contaminants, high levels of minerals can affect the taste of your tap water […]

Advantages and disadvantages of MBR membrane wastewater treatment process

MBR, also known as membrane bioreactor, is a new type of water treatment technology that combines a membrane separation unit and a biological treatment unit. There are many types of membranes, which are classified according to the separation mechanism, including reactive membranes, ion exchange membranes, permeable membranes, etc.; according to the nature of the membranes, there are natural membranes (biological […]